TechyKids Camp

The Butler Bot

The Butler Bot is a robot that gets you drinks or food. If you are feeling tired, and you want some food, the Butler Bot will get it for you By: Ashna and Sabeena

Moss the Dragon

Moss goes forward when you press the forward sensor, and can also turn left and right and go backwards.  When you press the center button the dragon is calm and green.  It gets angry when the forward, middle and back buttons are pressed and turns red. By Kaori and Jackson

Chewie – Charlotte and Eric

Chewbacca is from the movie star wars, a popular movie series.We programmed him to follow thick black lines for our presentataion. He turns red when you touch him because Chewbacca thinks you are hitting him with a lightsaber.

Rainbow Run

This product is a fun & interactive way for small kids to learn their colors. It allows users to use an interactive pallet that will teach them how to make colors. The project uses Scratch and the Makey Makey. Rainbow Run