scratch thymio course

Scratch with Thymio

This is a course is currently being offered for free! It allows you to learn how to get started with Thymio and Scratch for Thymio, also included is some help with getting started with Scratch.  Enrolling in this course will allow you to track your progress and earn badges. hide this to enrolled user TechyKids […]

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Thymio Course (Beginner)

Create your own interactive animal robot project while learning all about robotics, and the Thymio robot.  Learn about sensors and robotics, visual programming, building off of the Thymio robot with LEGO, and even create your own movie starring your new robot animal! This course is recommended for beginners for at home or in the classroom.  You’ll […]

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Thymio Course (Intermediate)

Create your own invention while learning about coding the Thymio robot.  Learn about invention and even create your own movie showing off your new innovation! This course is recommended for 4th grade and up with someone who has some of a robotics foundation or has completed the Thymio Beginner TechyKids course.  You’ll love the creativity and technical skills needed […]

cloudprofessor smarthome

CloudProfessor Course

Create your own IoT Smart Home project with the CloudProfessor and Arduino!  Learn how to hook up the Arduino with motors and sensors and connect to the Internet of Things with Acer’s CloudProfessor.  By the end of this course you’ll have created your own Smart home project programmable through a smart device complete with a […]

makey makey course

Makey Makey Course

Create your interactive game or experience with Scratch and the Makey Makey!  Learn about user interaction design, Scratch programming, and all about the Makey Makey.  By the end of this course you’ll have created your own unique user interaction experience with both a physical invention and a programmed Scratch game.


TechyKids Intro Class

Start off the TechyKids journey with an ice breaker led by TechyKid’s Founder, Sharon Marzouk.  This group ice breaker warms the rooms with smiles and getting to know one other by taking a small risk of introducing themselves and sharing a movement with the group.  Then learn the ground rules of the TechyKids program so that […]

tk teacher

TechyKids Teacher Class

Click on the above Blocks to go to Lesson.  Each block will take you to a different lesson, hover over the block to see the tool tip.  



There are many fun and creative things that you can do with Robot Magic.  Here are some examples! How to connect the Thymio Robot to RobotMagic: