TechyKids Web Course

TechyKids Robotics Web Course

Progr am a virtual Thymio robot on the web.  Learn about sensors and robotics, visual programming, and how to see real javascript code! This course is recommended for beginners for at home or in the classroom.  You’ll love the creativity and technical skills needed to create an awesome Thymio robot web project!

Summer Cohort Course Icon

Summer Camp Cohort

This is to help walk you through the steps of setting up your TechyKids camp.  This walks you through each step, using the TechyKids learning system.  So you can see first hand how you can do amazing things easily with the TechyKids system, having all of the resources you need on one place, and have […]

tk teacher

Techykids Teacher Class

This course will teach you how to enroll students into your courses or groups. This course will also show you how to use the teacher dashboard to track the progress of your students.        

TinkerCad Course


Learn Tinkercad while creating a design on top of the Thymio Robot.

cloudprofessor smarthome

CloudProfessor Course

Create your own IoT Smart Home project with the CloudProfessor and Arduino!  Learn how to hook up the Arduino with motors and sensors and connect to the Internet of Things with Acer’s CloudProfessor.  By the end of this course you’ll have created your own Smart home project programmable through a smart device complete with a […]