Aseba Playground Thymio Simulator 2


  1. Watch Video and Try yourself
  2. See Reference Material
  3. Connect Aseba Studio to Aseba Playground to program Thymio

1) Watch & Try:

Part 2 of 3: This will explain to you further the functionality of the Aseba Playground Simulator

Note: If this is the first time with the VPL, also make sure to do the VPL Lesson to fully understand programming language

Do Challenge 1: When you press forward button, robot drives forward

Do Challenge 2: add.. When robot sees wall in front of it, it goes backwards

Do Challenge 3: add.. When robot sees wall behind it it stops

Do Challenge4: Change your program and have the robot push the block forward

Part 3 of 3: This will show you how to see the sensor readings of the simulated Thymio robot

Do Challenge 1: View the live horizontal proximity sensor readings from the simulator by clicking close on the VPL window and following the video instructions

2) See Reference Materials

Supported features

Because the simulated Thymio is in a limited, virtual environment, not all features are implemented. However, in order to be compatible with the real Thymio, all variables, functions and events are available. If you use them, you will not get a compilation error, however some events might never happen, some functions might do nothing and some variables might never change.

Below you will find a list of what is supported in the simulator. If you try to use a feature that is not yet implemented, a warning message will appear in the simulator.

3) Connect Aseba Studio to Aseba Playground to program Thymio

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