Lab Procedure

Lab Procedure:

  1. Stop and Listen to Instructions – Stop, hands off the tech equipment and listen!  Make sure to give your attention to the teacher quickly so that lessons can proceed quickly and
  2. You Try – Make sure to try all of your ideas.  Your idea may not always be successful, but if you don’t out your ideas you can’t build on them.  Keep moving forward and keep building and iterating, and collaborating with others.
  3. Ask Someone Next to you – Ask, if you aren’t sure how to do something ask someone who is sitting near you, collaborate and see if you can build upon your ideas with others in the class.
  4. Ask a Teacher – If all else fails and you haven’t gotten any answers from those around you, then ask the teacher.  Remember you are one of several students and the teacher may need to help others, so make sure to listen to the tutorials and collaborate with your peers.

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