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This course is an extension for students who have already taken the Thymio Beginner course, and is now interested in learning how to program a virtual Thymio through a Chrome web browser.

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Total Time:  41 minutes Activity Time: 21 minutes, Lesson Time: 20 minutes

Level: Beginner

Required Materials:  Thymio, Computer or Chromebook with Chrome Web Browser installed

Suggested Materials: Chrome browser, and access Thymio Web by going to here in a separate Chrome Browser Tab

Goal: Learn hot to program a virtual Thymio through a Chrome Web Browser.

Skills Learned:  Virtual Thymio, Actions, Music, Sensor short cuts, Wait

Below you will see the list of lessons for the Thymio Robot, and underneath that is the Techykids Progress Map. The Progress Map is a visual guide of Badges, and shows what you’ve already completed and what else there is to learn!

Questions?  E-mail info@techykids.com

TechyKids Progress Map

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