How to Get Started with Thymio Programming Video

Here’s a great instructional video with the basics of programming the Thymio robot.

Thymio Basic Tutorial

0:14 How to Plug in Thymio to Program and Charge
1:00 Opening Aseba Studio and Connecting Thymio
1:30 The Visual Programming Language (VPL)
2:00 If-Then Statements with VPL
2:05 How to Program the Touch Sensors
2:40 How to Delete lines of Code
2:55 Programming the Motors
3:10 Proximity Sensors
3:40 Changing the LED Color of Thymio, RGB
4:40 Bottom Proximity Sensors
5:00 Making sounds
5:25 Tapped, Using the Accelerometer to Detect Tap Event
5:45 Sound Sensor, and The looping effect of why your sound may repeat.
6:39 The Best Way to use the Sound Sensor
6:50 Viewing the Code beneath the VPL
7:10 Compilation Success vs. Line Error: Redeclaration of Event
7:48 Save Early and Save Often: Saving your Program
8:10 Saving VPL Program
8:26 Load and Run – Playing your program on Thymio
8:40 The Stop Button – Stopping Thymio
8:57 One line at a time – Good form in Programming, Test often!
9:30 Keeping your program on Thymio – Write the Program inside Thymio
9:59 How NOT to Open a program you’ve previously created
10:25 How to Open a program you’ve previously created