Robotics with Thymio Homeschool Package (Adv Beginner to Intermediate)

From: $260.00

Homeschool Thymio Robot Education Package

Thymio is an awesome little robot with over 20 sensors, 40 lights, 2 motors, and LEGO integration.  Kids love Thymio because it is personable and inspires thought and creativity, and grownups love it for just the same reasons.  Scroll below for more information.


  • Wireless Thymio, Micro-USB cable for charging and programming, User manual
  • Remote Control- allows you to control Thymio wirelessly.

Thymio Robotics Product Design (Advanced Beginner) 4th-6th

This comprehensive robotics, coding and invention course is best suited for kids with some prior exposure to robotics and coding. Kids learn robotics, some visual programming language and then move into coding. Human-centered design brings it all together in their own product invention. They learn skills like Google Slides & Drawing, green screen video and script writing to show off their invention.

Tinkercad Course – optional

Learn 3D Modeling with the Thymio robot and make your own unique designs. You'll enjoy modeling your ideas and the possibilities are endless!