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Healthy Fridge

Healthy Fridge

In the morning you fill the healthy fridge with healthy foods for the day, then whenever you want a snack you press a button on your remote and the healthy fridge will give you a snack. Presentation:   Video:   Code: call sound.system(-1) call,0,0) call leds.bottom.left(0,0,0) call leds.bottom.right(0,0,0) call,0,0,0,0,0,0,0) onevent prox if prox.horizontal[2] […]

flying pig thymio techykids

Flying Pig

Presentation:   Video:   Code: call sound.system(-1)#brings it to a specific starting state call leds.temperature(0,0) call,0,0) call,0,0,0,0,0,0,0) onevent rc5 if rc5.command == 1 then call,0,0) end if rc5.command == 2 then 150 150 end if rc5.command == 3 then 150 end if rc5.command == 4 then 0 […]

explorerbot pic


Description: The basic idea of the boat is to explore areas humans cannot get to like freezing waters and narrow rivers. Thymio will have lego paddles that spin when it moves. It has headlights and tail lights(Little Bits). ExplorerBot will have lego paddles that spin when he moves. Presentation: Video:   Code: [wpdm_file id=13] tags: […]

flower drawing

Thymio Drawing Patterns with Iterations Activity

Activity: Turn Thymio into a drawing machine by placing a thin marker in the pen holder! How to: Copy and paste the code used in the video into Aseba Studio: Drawing #1 var itera = 0 onevent temperature #Thymio updates temperature value at once per second. You can replace this line with the following two […]



Description: This machine is mainly aimed for older children and adults. This machine has a whopping satisfaction for teenagers also. This is also good for teenagers because they can be lazy at sometimes. Presentation:   Video: By: Ben and Max, completed at Techykids Thymio Robotics Summer Camp

Ashna Summer Star

Student Thymio Drawing Programs

Description: Here are some new and fun patterns created by our students. Look below for the code. Fun tip: Make colorful by changing out the marker as the robot drives along! Projects: 1) Ashna’s Summer Star: call sound.system(-1) call leds.temperature(0,0) call,0,0) call,0,0,0,0,0,0,0) onevent buttons if button.forward == 1 then call,32,0) end if button.right […]