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TanK MasTer211

TanK MasTer is not scared about anything. He is a soldier he will never run away, when he’s friends say to run he doesn’t. he will battle on till the end! TanK MasTer is the best soldier ever in the world no one could stop him.


Ellie the Elephant

Ellie the Elephant is very friendly and loves to play with her friends. When she hears a loud noise she turns blue. Her favorite color is blue and she loves chocolate.

Baby Grand thymio

Baby Grand Piano

Thymio is transformed into a baby grand piano! Piano has custom sounds sung by Courtney, do, ri, me, fa, so , la, ti, do! This project was inspired by the Musical Thymio project, with Courtney’s own unique twist included. Download Courtney’s original sound files here. Code: onevent prox if acc[1]>0 then if prox.horizontal[0]>4000 then call […]

Dan T.D.M

Dan T.D.M.

When you turn it on and you put something in front of it Dan T.D.M follows it. When you push the middle button the robot stops. Presentation:   Video: By: Elizabeth and Kenny