Description: This machine is mainly aimed for older children and adults. This machine has a whopping satisfaction for teenagers also. This is also good for teenagers because they can be lazy at sometimes. Presentation:   Video: By: Ben and Max, completed at Techykids Thymio Robotics Summer Camp

Student Thymio Drawing Programs

Description: Here are some new and fun patterns created by our students. Look below for the code. Fun tip: Make colorful by changing out the marker as the robot drives along! Projects: 1) Ashna’s Summer Star: call sound.system(-1) call leds.temperature(0,0) call,0,0) call,0,0,0,0,0,0,0) onevent buttons if button.forward == 1 then call,32,0) end if button.right …

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Pet Feeder 3000

Thymio Project

Description: The Pet Feeder 3000 can feed your pet any time you’re busy! Just click some buttons on the remote to drive the Pet feeder to your pet. Then the food should be filled inside the space so much, the food spills down a shoot right into a bowl! Now you don’t have to feed …

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Robot Fun

Description: It follows your hand When nothing is in front of it, it stops You need to know how to turn it on & off ,you can do this by pressing the middle button for 3 long Seconds You grab the gold things or black and sliver thing and have fun Presentation:   Video:   …

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Space Art

Description: Space art is a thing that helps astronauts draw Space art is an activity for astronauts SPACE ART IS SUPER FUN! Presentation:   Code: [wpdm_file id=8] By: Ava and Arya, completed at Techykids Thymio Robotics Summer Camp


Description: This robot is made for doctors to use to entertain little kids. Fun for little kids to use. Little kids like the sounds and changing colors. Presentation:   Code: [wpdm_file id=7] By: Renee and Madi

Web Shooter Soccer Player

Description: This project was made so spiderman could watch Thymio kick a soccer game winning goal. Presentation: Code: [wpdm_file id=6] By: Ashna (7yrs) and Sam (7yrs), completed at Techykids Thymio Robotics Summer Camp

Super Hop

Description: The Super Hop! is a entertainment for police officers. When the police officer is at home, tired, and bored, he/she can just turn on the Super hop! And enjoy the entertainment. With a blue background, and a red cape, its based on super man! Super man is a super hero, saving lives, and fighting …

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Happy Hoops Game

Description: A fun way for small kids to play basketball and build arm strength. It is a mini basketball hoop and net taped onto a Thymio II. Presentation:   Video:   Code: [wpdm_file id=5] By: Jack and Brynn, completed at Techykids Thymio Robotics Summer Camp


Presentation:   Video:   Code: [wpdm_file id=3] By: Jack and Ava, completed at Techykids Thymio Robotics Summer Camp