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Handicap Helper Thymio

This project is like a wheelchair, but much more advanced for people with disabilities.   If the Handicap helper is at an upwards incline more power will go to the motors to help it up the ramp or hill.  If the Handicap helper is at a downwards ramp, less power will go to the motors […]

flying pig thymio techykids

Flying Pig

Presentation:   Video:   Code: call sound.system(-1)#brings it to a specific starting state call leds.temperature(0,0) call leds.top(0,0,0) call leds.circle(0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0) onevent rc5 if rc5.command == 1 then call leds.top(16,0,0) end if rc5.command == 2 then motor.right.target= 150 motor.left.target= 150 end if rc5.command == 3 then motor.left.target= 150 motor.right.target=0 end if rc5.command == 4 then motor.left.target= 0 […]