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Golden Knight

Golden Knight is your personal security robot, that protects you and your valuables!  ~ Golden Knight Code ~ # reset outputs call sound.system(-1) call leds.top(0,0,0) call leds.bottom.left(0,0,0) call leds.bottom.right(0,0,0) call leds.circle(0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0)   onevent tap call leds.top(32,0,0) call leds.bottom.left(32,0,0) call leds.bottom.right(32,0,0) call leds.circle(32,32,32,32,32,32,32,32) call leds.prox.h(32,32,32,32,32,32,32,32) call leds.prox.v(32,32) call sound.replay(1) onevent buttons if button.center == 1 then […]