Makey Makey

Wizard Board

An original creation by David and Gitanjali.  The Wizard casts spells on each character and commands motion and sound.  In the physical world the kids move their wizard around the Wizard Board and the Scratch animations move and play sound on the computer.

Rainbow Run

This product is a fun & interactive way for small kids to learn their colors. It allows users to use an interactive pallet that will teach them how to make colors. The project uses Scratch and the Makey Makey. Rainbow Run

Piano Prism

Piano Prism is a fun way for kids to learn how to play piano without having to buy a real piano.  They will go through levels and on each level they will learn something new.  The keys are color coded so that it is easier for the kids to remember the notes. Scratch Project

How to Handwrite

This project is an interactive way to teach handwriting.  Users see a demonstration how to write a letter and then using a pen tool creates the letter themselves. See below for project details.