Snail-O and Slimeacus

This is Snail-O. He loves to play with his Best friend, Slimeacus. He also loves to eat leaves but not flowers. He is a thymio robot you can buy one today on this website. He is programmed by aseba stuios which is a free download.

Mr. Mouse

We have created a mouse that will follow your commands and can be your pet if you’d like to have a pet mouse. Mr.Mouse lives in a house with a hole in the wall. This mouse is different because he is organized.

Smile Maker

Smile Maker makes parents and babies sleep quietly and long. There are 2 lullabies that the baby kicks to let the baby fall asleep while the lullaby is playing.

Hammy Dance

Hammy likes to dance. If he presses thymio, thymio will move, and when there is something in front of thymio, he goes backwards.There is 2 ways to stop it , if there is something behind it thymio he w stops, and if there is something in front of thymio, he also stops.

The Crab

THE CRAB can walk around. When it is close to a wall THE CRAB will turn around and go the opposite direction. THE CRAB has two convenient legs on either side of its body. Presentation:   Video: By: Zackary and Justin

Mail OS

Mail O.S, a product to get people’s mail. It is useful if you have a sore back and you don’t want to bend down. Who is this product for? This product is for those who have back and joint pains. This robot will help you in so many ways if you can’t bend over. Why …

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