Therapy Cat

When your spouse is yelling at you, and your kids just can’t get along! You feel like nothing can help you. We know, we’ve been there too, but that is why we made Therapy Cat. A robotic cat that will talk to you and help you through a tough problem. For all you parents out …

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The Bluebird is a toy for cats. It would move around on the ground while the cat would chase it. The Bluebird has a protective cover so if you’re cat catches it, the cat won’t make a scratch. By Austin Presentation:   Video:   Code: call sound.system(-1) call,0,0) call leds.bottom.left(0,0,0) call leds.bottom.right(0,0,0) call,0,0,0,0,0,0,0) …

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It is for a student to eat their vegetables and in a way that makes it like a challenge. Parents would want this product so they don’t have to convince their child or children to eat their vegetables. The parents don’t really have to do anything except for pressing a button every time their child …

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Return Bot

Aren’t you tired of being left out at school? Or maybe just lonely when everyone else is busy? Introducing the Return Bot. Press 1 on the remote to start a game of catch. He’ll put his ping pong paddle forward, “returning” the pass, again and again. This will stop eventually. So it doesn’t break and …

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Train Alert

The Train alert is made so whenever a train goes by it will hit a pulse sensor and the drivers will be alerted that a train is coming. Presentation:   Video:   Code: By: Xavier, Reilly


This product is designed for teachers in case of emergency. When there is a power outage, a teacher will be able to use this robot to go around the classroom with a light and will keep people safe. This product requires a remote. Presentation:   Video: Code: call,0,0) onevent rc5 if rc5.command == 2 …

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