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TechyKids OKC

Podcast about running a TechyKids Summer Camp!

Do you want to run your own technology or robotics camps for kids? Listen to this awesome Podcast where TechyKids Camp Educators were interviewed on their experience of running a TechyKids summer camp! More information about TechyKids Camp out of the Box and application can be found here: https://www.techykids.com/techykids-camp-out-of-the-box/ This episode features an interview with Michaela […]

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Thymio Robotics summer camp

Classroom robotics: Motivating independent learning and discovery

This is a reproduction of an article TechyKids Founder, Sharon Marzouk had authored for Robohub on October/3/2013 With a background in mechanical engineering and an interest in design, engineering and working with kids, I happened into robotics education – and now I’ve been happily teaching and involved for five years. I started out teaching Lego Mindstorms […]

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thymio hand follow

Thymio Hand Follow

Activity: Using the front sight sensors, Thymio can follow a hand that is placed in front of it. How to: There are many ways to accomplish hand following with the Thymio Robot.  The following methods are the easiest. Put Thymio in the pre-programmed Green Mode. To Program Thymio, open up Thymio VPL or Aseba Studio on […]

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Four Year Old Programs Thymio Robot

Thymio is such an easy to learn platform that even tech saavy four year olds can use a computer and program the robot, and understand what they are doing! For young kids we have awesome content and ideas to get them along the way.  Here is an example of some kids using Thymio in Kindergarten […]

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Announcing: Thymio with Scratch, Learn for Free!

We are excited about the recent developments that allow Thymio to integrate with MIT’s Scratch programming language.  The newest version is used best with a Wireless Thymio, as there needs to be a constant and stable connection between the computer and Thymio robot.  A wired Thymio can be used as well, but cannot be disconnected at any […]

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Visit us at Bay Area Maker Faire 2017

Come visit us at Maker Faire Bay Area May 19-21st 2017!  Here is the official Maker Faire Project page. Bring project-based 21st century learning, maker spaces, coding, robotics, and design thinking to students. TechyKids offers a web solution developed over many years in the classroom for various Maker Products to integrate into the classroom. We […]


Open TechyKids Tinkering, FREE!

Calling Educators & Tech Loving Adults and Kids!  Walk in and join us with hands on learning and exploration of different awesome maker tools and learn with TechyKids Robots, Electronics, Coding, Internet of Things, Invention, This event is come and play with us! We’ll have many different  tools and experts there to assist your learning! And, […]