TechyKids at Home

TechyKids can be done at home (or anywhere!)  It is perfect for those who want to learn technology skills.  Below are the products we recommend for individuals for ages 5-105 years.  As there is a lower age limit for some of the tools, there is no upper age limit as the skills TechyKids teach are relevant, creative, technical, and uses critical thinking.  The skills learned and the tools below can level to wherever your abilities are and grow to.

If you have the tool already you can just get the online course.  If you are new to the tool entirely (as most are), we recommend getting started with one of the Virtual or Physical tools, combined with the applicable TechyKids Class.

Homeschooling?  Check out options for homeschool

Young Kids?   Check out options for ages 4-7 years

Virtual Tools & Online Courses in One

TechyKids Robotics Web Course– Program a virtual Thymio robot on the web.  Learn about sensors and robotics, visual programming, and how to see real javascript code! This course is recommended for beginners for at home or in the classroom.  You’ll love the creativity and technical skills needed to create an awesome Thymio robot web project!


Intro to Robotics with Thymio Simulator– You’ll be programming a simulated robot to act like an interactive animal. This course teaches how to connect the Aseba Playground Simulator to the Aseba programming language. See how you can program the Thymio robot without having a physical robot. Save your programs on the computer, so when you have a real Thymio robot you can test out your program in the real world!


Physical Tools & Online Courses

Thymio Robot– Thymio (select from original or wireless) is an awesome little robot with over 20 sensors, 40 lights, 2 motors, and LEGO integration.  Kids love Thymio because it is personable and inspires thought and creativity, and grownups love it for just the same reasons.


Thymio Robot Education Package– Includes the Thymio robot (select from original or wireless), remote control, and TechyKids curriculum packet and Thymio Course (Beginner).


Makey Makey and Online ClassMakey Makey is an invention kit for the 21st century. Turn everyday objects into touchpads and combine them with the internet. It’s a simpleInvention Kit for Beginners and Experts doing art, engineering, and everything in between.


Online Courses

TechyKids Intro Course for Home – Learning from TechyKids requires a different mindset, and understanding how to use our innovative learning system.  Get you started by taking this course.  You’ll learn how to use this course with the first video, and then you’ll be learning the ground rules of the TechyKids program by taking your first official TechyKids lesson module.


Thymio Course (Beginner)–  Create your own interactive animal robot project while learning all about robotics, and the Thymio robot.  Learn about programming, building off of the Thymio robot with LEGO, and even create your own movie starring your new robot animal!  This course is recommended for beginners in robotics or 2nd-6th graders.  Thymio Robot Needed


Thymio Course (Intermediate)– Create your own invention while learning about coding the Thymio robot.  Learn about invention and even create your own movie showing off your new innovation!  This course is recommended for 4th grade and up with someone who has some of a robotics foundation or has completed the Thymio Beginner TechyKids course.  Thymio Robot Needed


Scratch with Thymio Course Product– This is a free course that allows you to learn how to get started with Thymio and Scratch for Thymio, also included is some help with getting started with Scratch.  Enrolling in this course will allow you to track your progress and earn badges.  Thymio Robot Needed


Makey Makey Course– Create your interactive game or experience with Scratch and the Makey Makey!  Learn about user interaction design, Scratch programming, and all about the Makey Makey.  By the end of this course you’ll have created your own unique user interaction experience with both a physical invention and a programmed Scratch game.  Makey Makey Needed