Robotics for Primary Kids

Recommended Activities For Young Kids, 4 - 7 years


Recommended Lessons

1. Sensors

  • Learn about Sensors and how they work

2. Thymio Intro

  • Learn about all the cool things Thymio can do!

3. Pre-Programmed Modes

  • Learn and use the pre-programmed modes of the robot

3a. Pre-Programmed Modes Activity

Teacher Instructions: Hand robot to each pair of students, and hand them back their worksheet.  Have them continue exploring with the robot and filling out the worksheet.  Students will ask how to spell words, you can write them on the board to help them with the spelling.  Encourage them to explore the different modes and describe how the robot is acting and which sensors it is using.

Materials: Thymio Robots

Goals: Gaining confidence and understanding using the robot, understanding the sensors and behaviors.

4. Building Basics

  • Learn how to and then actually build off the robot with LEGO and art materials

5. Visual Programming Language

  • Learn how to use Aseba Studio to Program the robot with an Easy Drag and Drop language

Thymio Tabletop Activities (Printable)



Create your Own "Tweet Tweet"

Tweet Tweet is a robotic hummingbird project made by 4th grade students.  The project is a perfect project to inspire younger students and for them to get started with Thymio by coloring and creating their own Tweet Tweet!

  1. Show and read the slides to your students
  2. Watch Tweet Tweet Video
  3. Hand out Tweet Tweet Activity Sheet and markers
  4. Have students color the shapes on the sheet
  5. Cut out the shapes
  6. Attach colored shapes to Thymio robot
  7. Either set robot in a pre programmed mode, or program robot with program shown in slides, or create your own program!

Goals:  Kids inspiring kids, and being inspired to modify the Thymio robot into something else!  Getting students comfortable with merging art and technology.


Create a Collaborative Story Movie

  1. Watch the Getting Started with Thymio Intro
  2. Watch Sensors Video
  3. Watch and Participate with Pre-Programmed Modes
    1. Fill out the Worksheet
    2. Do the Thymio Group Activities
  4. Watch and Participate with Building Video
  5. Pick a Preprogrammed mode as a behavior and Build an Animal!    
    1. If desired, can branch into programming robot with specific behaviors
  6. Now, Together, let’s write down a story with each of our robots as characters of our movie
  7. Practice Acting out story and record the video with the kids!

Goals:  Strengthening understanding of robots sensors and programming through play, building, transforming the robot to be an animal which characteristics, cooperation, and storytelling.


  • Thymios
  • Construction Paper
  • Blue Tape
  • Markers

Creating the Animal Story Movie with iPad and Green Screen

Lesson: Green Screen

Additional Materials Needed:

  • iPad

  • Green Screen by DoInk App

  • If you are using an iPad in the classroom you can use it to transport your robot to anywhere with