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It’s easy to get started with TechyKids at home!  Get one of our TechyProducts and it comes with an online course.  If you have the products already, you can just enroll into one of our online classes.

Want to learn about Robotics?  Coding? 3D Modeling?  We have options for ages 5-105!

"Techykids.com is your one stop site-
for a well rounded learning experience,
with the best tech learning tools."

A Flexible 21st century project-based learning system that teaches kids how to find and create solutions, and about the connectedness of the world around them.

Who are TechyKids? ®

Resourceful, collaborative, empathetic and inquisitive human beings who are empowered to make positive change.  They recognize their own strengths and uniqueness while actively discovering their passions.  They develop an understanding of the spectrum of what exists and how things work, while keeping an eye towards what improvements and new things they can help to create.

Logical yet Creative.

Scientific yet Imaginative.

Optimistic yet Persistent.

Structured yet Flexible.

Responsible yet Childlike.

Dynamic- like our ever changing world.









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The TechyKids Story...

"Thank you for teaching me so much about robots and computer programming.  I now feel confident around programming in code and feel like I could take on any challenge ..."
“I learned a lot, it is a fantastic program.  It is like having a scientist/engineer in classroom with you. TechyKids educates students to the inner workings and engineering behind innovations and inventions."
“I have dyslexia and dysgraphia, and it's a difficult challenge I need to deal. But with TechyKids my confidence went up like a rocket!"


Tested and acknowledged by Purdue University, as a program what teaches Design and Engineering to kids.