TechyKids for Schools

The TechyKids System has been developed by Sharon Marzouk over the past few years, learning from many years of teaching technology.  It was developed actively in the classroom.  It flips the classroom to be project based, changing the teacher’s role from delivering content to being able to work more closely with kids on helping with their unique projects and managing the classroom environment more effectively.

Product Options for Schools and Educators

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  • Host your own weeklong camp
  • Generate Revenue
  • Training & Equipment Included
  • Enrollment System
  • Go here for More information: TechyKids Camp out of the Box
Thymio in Schools

Class and School Licenses Available

  • Licenses and Dashboard for up to 30 Students for Classroom, or 200- Students for School Licenses
  • Content for different age groups
  • Purchases or Rent Equipment
  • Fill out Survey to be contacted, or Contact Sharon at

With TechyKids, students...

Gain Competency with Technology and Tech Tools

  • Easy start and path that steadily increases complexity to help learners reach proficiency
  • Projects that encourage blending different tools for a greater understanding of materials and more more creative output

Learn at their own pace

  • TechyKids has high quality videos and interactive content
  • Easy to understand, with visual and auditory help
  • Follow along, skip, repeat, and pause to learn at any pace

Earn Awesome Badges

  • Badges visually reflect learned skills
  • See what you’ve accomplished and what more there is
  • Students are motivated to make tangible gains
  • Badges help create a visual indicator of progress

Create Original Projects

  • The platform inspires and scaffolds original project creation
  • Project requirements are specific enough to get tangible outcomes, but flexible enough to allow in the student’s creativity
  • Projects bring purpose to learning

Documentation, Communication & Presentation Skills

  • The patent-pending TechyKids® methodology involves having students create quality slides using templates that help students critically think about their project while learning presentation skills
  • Student Presentations are integrated with project creation and enable students to clearly communicate their purpose, project, and process

Video Creation Skills

  • Students learn how to create videos of their projects 
  • Helpful templates keep students focused on creating meaningful content
  • Lessons instruct on how to use helpful tools

Sharing and Inspiring

  • TechyKids provides a platform for students to upload and share their multi-media projects
  • Students are encouraged to share their projects on TechyKids to give further purpose to their project and inspire others to also create

Course Badge Maps

  • Visually see progress
  • See the subject areas being earned
  • See what you’ve accomplished and where you are going

Overall Profile Spectrum of Learning

  • The Patent-Pending Color Spectrum Profile visually shows all the learning in one colorful display
  • Quickly shows how much breadth and depth user has in their learning
  • An overall snapshot of learning across disciplines, courses, and projects

With TechyKids, Teachers can...

enroll students

Instant Student Registrations

  • Easily manage one or multiple classes
  • Quickly register students by importing list
Dashboard short

Teacher Dashboard

  • Visually track student and class
  • Intuitive graphic overview
  • Download student data

Create your Own Courses

  • Remix TechyKids® Lesson Blocks
  • Personalized Learning Paths
Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 12.04.15 AM

Have a Student Driven/ Inquiry Based Classroom

  • TechyKids teaches the content
  • Teacher can focus on answering meaningful questions and deep diving into helping students with advanced projects and teaching the finer skills of collaboration
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Flip the Classroom, To increase students hands on time with tools

  • Assign some content to do at home to increase valuable hands on time in the classroom with instructor
  • Content is accessible at home and badges track learning
  • Learners who take longer to learn concepts can do more review at home to make best use of lab time
  • High Quality videos increase efficiency of learning by condensing information by editing out transitions and set up time and showing things visually with graphics and other ‘video magic’
wizard board

Teach multiple tools and concepts in Parallel in a single classroom/ Just in time learning

  • Students get the information they need when they are ready for it, creating a pull learning, making it more relevant in their learning journey
  • Since content is getting delivered by video, more is happening in parallel, freeing up the teacher to handle more questions
  • Student learning is increased as they can learn more from their neighbors and be inspired to progress, and increases curiousity and awareness in what is happening around him or her

Robotics for Primary Students

The Techykids program can span ages  4-101 years.  But there are special ways to engage each audience.  Check out our recommendations for the young kids 4 – 7 years.

Check out Mrs. Dweck's Story & Video

Mrs. Julia Dweck was inspired by the TechyKids program to apply for a district wide grant along with 3 other educators from her school.  She was awarded the largest district grant from the PTA, and successfully ran the TechyKids program for her 4-6th grade gifted students at Willow Lane Elementary in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Check out the video to the right to hear her story of using TechyKids into her classroom and the amazing student outcomes!

Thinking of writing a grant?  Check out Mrs. Dweck’s successfully written grant for TechyKids.  Use it to help write your own!

Ready to bring TechyKids to your Students?

Start out by either getting an Educator Starter Pack to start trying it out for yourself, or get a classroom or school license to get started right away!  It doesn’t take much start time to start running a TechyKids program.  Learn the TechyKids system once, and the learning never ends!  Always be up to date with the latest technologies, and it makes it easier to integrate the latest and greatest into your classroom.

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