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Increase your professional abilities along with earning extra income!  Learn directly from experienced robotics educator Sharon Marzouk, founder & CEO of TechyKids. TechyKids is a project-based learning platform founded in 2012 to teach robotics and coding in a unique combination of learning and doing.
This year, we are looking for rockstar individuals from around the country to host TechyKids Camp Out of a Box.  We provide almost everything you need to start, including training… and will help you figure out the rest. It is perfect for folks who love teaching and being around elementary & middle school kids, have an entrepreneurial zest, and are looking for a side hustle or as a camp offering at school.  You’ll enjoy learning with other motivated educators, and bringing this innovative project-based technology programs to students in your area!

As a member of our cohort of teachers you will be part of an educator community, learning with one another, and forming relationships with other inspiring educators from across the country.  Embark on your own learning journey as you get the tools to run your own TechyKids camp that inspires kids to be curious while learning 21st century skills in a project-based way…and have we mentioned ROBOTS?!!

Watch what happens in TechyKids Camp!

Listen to a Podcast from TechyKids Camp Educators about their Experience Running a TechyKids Camp Out of the Box!

Podcast466: Reflections on Summer 2019 TechyKids Robotics Camp in Oklahoma City

TechyKids provides you with:

Important Educator Traits:

What you provide:

Watch Kevin’s amazing journey through TechyKids camp!

This camp is most suitable for elementary and middle school aged kids.

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Feel free to email us with any questions: Info@techykids.com

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