Thymio Robotics Simulator Course

  • Ages: 9-99
  • Level: Beginner
  • Total Time:  4 hours
  • Prerequisite Course: TechyKids Intro for Home -or- TechyKids Intro for Classrooms
  • Required Materials: Mac or Windows Computer
  • Skills Learned:  Interactive Animal, Actuators, sensors., robotics, Bionics, Robots for Humanity, Robotic Real World Applications, Telepresence, Install Software, thymio, Computer & Tech, Aseba, Beginner, Tutorial, Visual Programming Language, vpl, simulator, advanced VPL, modes, remote, Tilt, Timer, script, video
  • Educational Standards:  3-5-ETS1-1, 3-5-ETS1-2, 3-5-ETS1-3

You’ll be programming a simulated robot to act like an interactive animal.  This course teaches how to connect the Aseba Playground Simulator to the Aseba programming language.  See how you can program the Thymio robot without having a physical robot.  Save your programs on the computer, so when you have a real Thymio robot you can test out your program in the real world!

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn in the course:

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