Award from Purdue University Engineering

“The Thymio robot, along with the Techykids online Thymio courses, is a wonderful tool for teaching and learning engineering thinking and design. The Thymio robot is remarkably versatile, especially thanks to its ability to interface with Lego pieces for more complex structures and motions.” – Purdue University Engineering Review


Where are the TechyKids now?

In March of 2017 Founder of TechyKids, Sharon Marzouk gave a Tedx talk on “The Future of Education”.   She was invited to talk by one of her former 8th grade students, Nicolas Tan.  Nicolas was a student of Ms. Marzouk’s at Woodland school, then attended TechyKids camp during that summer.  A few years later Nicolas interned for TechyKids Summer Camp.  Then, later as he was President of his Tedx Club at Woodside Priory, invited her to give a talk.  Nicolas is now in college, studying engineering.


Reviews from Teachers

Won a Grant for TechyKids & Thymio Robots!

“They get to work with the robot individually or in those small groups and it makes all their learning- problem solving skills, communication skills- all of those things get worked on with the robots,” said Delgado.

Julie Delgado, 5th Grade Teacher loved using TechyKids with Thymio in her classroom, and wrote and was awarded a grant from krtv.com for another robot!  Check out the article

Also Won a Grant for TechyKids & Thymio Robots!

“I learned a lot, it is a fantastic program.  It is like having a scientist/Engineer in classroom with you.  Often in the classroom you are just using the technology, but you don’t understand what is happening.  TechyKids educates students to the inner workings and engineering behind innovations and inventions.

The videos really enlighten and inspire. I like to think that there’s at least one student in each group whose life choices, e.g, career, helping others, will be impacted by what you’ve shared with them. I assigned the video lessons as homework, and they could hardly wait to start their homework.

I had one very social girl stay inside during recess to carry out a plan she formulated using Thymio. She was so empowered.  Also, students are very proud of their earned badges.

I really think the TechyKids program is out of the ordinary, inspiring and meaningful.”

Mrs. Dweck, Gifted Teacher at Willow Lane Elementary, Twitter: @GiftedTawk


We are loving our Thymio robots in our 9th grade classes. We are using the event based text progamming in Aseba Studio. Kids doing great stuff.
– Mr. Bergman, High School Computer Science Teacher

Review from Online Student

This awesome TechyKids online student came back to visit us at Maker Faire 2019… to tell us how TechyKids helped to give her the confidence to get started with robotics, join her school’s #FirstRobotics team and then become the team captain! Go, Ariella (14 years old)!

Reviews from Kids in TechyKids Thymio Camp

TechyKids is a great camp to let your imagination go wild.  Learn cool new facts that you would never know otherwise!

TechyKids is a place where imagination is encouraged and failure is just a way for you to improve.  TechyKids isn’t just for kids, it’s for all ages, the coding becoming harder and harder as you go.  If you can’t drive there, there’s online lessons.  Sign up now!

-Anushka, Age 9

“They taught us way more in one day than a week of camp at iD Tech.” – Adam, 11 years

“This summer I went to TechyKids camp.  We got to program Thymio and make things on computers come to life.  Sharon Marzouk is helpful, nice and always lets you do what you want to do and is it is also said clearly she is the best scientist on the planet.”

-James, Entering 2nd Grade

Kevin who attended TechyKids Camp

A Maker Faire Inspiration Story

Some background: Maker Faire 2014 a girl named Normandy came and visited the TechyKids booth on Saturday. She spent hours at the booth playing and then learning to program Thymio. Normandy Maker Faire 2014After being there for hours I was sad to see that she had left without saying bye. Well, she came back a few minutes later with a friend, to then teach her programming. Normandy spent the WHOLE DAY with us on Saturday! When Maker Faire was closing we said bye to Normandy.

Well, the following day, Normany CAME BACK, first thing in the morning! She had her dad with her this time and he had heard how she spent the entire previous day at the faire at our booth, so gave her a 20 minutes more to be at our booth on Sunday so they could see the rest of the Faire. And when the time was up, he looked at his watch and said OK, time to say goodbye and see the rest of the faire, you promised! To which Normandy reluctantly said ok… and then whispered to me with a smile…”I’ll be back!”Normandy

Well, she didn’t come back that day. Six months later I received a Thymio order that I mailed off. Then a couple of weeks later I received a posting to the TechyKids Facebook page

“My 8 year old finally got a Thymio for Christmas. She’s wanted one since Maker Faire 2014. She loves her Thymio and has even named it Poppy. The sticky note says, “It’s amazing how one speck of hope can go so far”. -Lysa Marie Filcek

I was delighted!  And the best part is the following year, Normandy came back to Maker Faire and volunteered at the TechyKids Booth!

Normandy at Maker Faire

From Students:

“Ms. Marzouk,

paxton tech1_smallThank you for teaching me so much about robots and computer programming.  I now feel confident around programming in code and feel like I could take on any challenge involving Thymio and programming in code.  I have learned so much this year and it wouldn’t have been possible with any other teacher.  You have taught me so much about problem solving and finding solutions.  The stuff you teach me also helps me in other classes such as math and humanities.  I now know so much about technology and how to effectively work in a group.  You have had such a big impact on me and the rest of the students attending Woodland.  I have learned not only about Thymio but learned how to be a great advertiser.  You have taught me a lot about how to advertise your product and I can almost feel my brain expanding.  I have also learned how to make an amazing iMovie about my project (Explorerbot) and it has been a joy to be in your class.  Thank you for teaching me all the amazing things I have learned.  Sincerely,

Paxton, 5th Grade

Paxton’s Explorerbot Project


Dear Ms. Marzouk,

brynn tech_smallYou are the best teacher ever.  You were the one who got me interested in programming.  Now I do a little bit of programming at home on javascript and I’m going to a programming Minecraft camp this summer.  I remember in summer camp last year, you taught me coding.  I could not stop coding until you made me go to recess.  After recess you taught me iterations which really got me into the programming world.  Thanks to you, I really feel like a programmer.  See you at the Maker Faire.


Brynn (4th grade)


From Parents:

“Thanks for your inspiration to Anja and Dani” – Parent from school and had two girls attend TK camp

From parent who brought daughter to camp summer of 2014, from 2 hours away and stayed in a motel locally, so daughter could attend camp!

We attended TechyKids Robot camp.  Elizabeth and I attended last year.  It was a great experience.  Some other families might like this.
The woman that puts this on is a teacher in the local district down in the bay.  I found the environment safe and well controlled.  The class covered not only programming, but creativity, invention and presentation.  Each day the kids learn skills to program the robot.  Then they use Legos and crafting skills to create some invention.  Then the use google apps to create a logo and a power point slide deck.  Last year they also used a green screen and Google docs to script a movie.  On Friday the teams present their work to the parents.
-Bob Perrin

Reviews from Librarians:

We purchased three Thymio robots in Feb 2015.  They are pretty much always checked out.  As of May 2019, more than 4 years after purchase, we can say that these robots have held up quite nicely, and have been a very popular checkout item in our catalogue.  It is the most robust robot we have.  Each robot has been checked out 40-60 times for a period of 2 weeks. – Nathan, Livermore Library