This robot works by passing out papers in a classroom and allows the teacher to do other things!  Simply put red tape on the ground and the robot will turn left, and black tape will have the robot turn right to navigate around the room. By: Zachary and Jackie Generation 1 of Mule-bot


Chameleonbot likes chaseing objects and hiding in wait for insects he’s a chameleon robot what do you expect. He hates it when people hit him and destroy the rainforest so please stop doing that =).

Flowerpot spy

A decorative creation that illuminates a vase, plays “Can’t touch this” and also…happens to spy on your conversations, covertly, of course.  

The Helperbot

You have may heard of a dog helping people who can not see, but what about a thymio? Introducing The Helperbot this programed robot comes with a soft case, walking stick and a remote control to help people who are blind. Get one today for $212

Smile Maker

Smile Maker makes parents and babies sleep quietly and long. There are 2 lullabies that the baby kicks to let the baby fall asleep while the lullaby is playing.

Hammy Dance

Hammy likes to dance. If he presses thymio, thymio will move, and when there is something in front of thymio, he goes backwards.There is 2 ways to stop it , if there is something behind it thymio he w stops, and if there is something in front of thymio, he also stops.

Ellie the Elephant

Ellie the Elephant is very friendly and loves to play with her friends. When she hears a loud noise she turns blue. Her favorite color is blue and she loves chocolate.