Author name: TechyKids Camp

Snowball the Terrier

Snowball is a white Terrier. She likes to play, run around, and sleep.  She is nice and friendly. She likes everyone she meets. Snowball can also play patty cake!!!


This robot works by passing out papers in a classroom and allows the teacher to do other things!  Simply put red tape on the ground and the robot will turn left, and black tape will have the robot turn right to navigate around the room. By: Zachary and Jackie Generation 1 of Mule-bot


This Thymio is programed to follow a line, make cool sounds and if the Thymio sees something in front of him he automatically stops so that it doesn’t crash into things.  

Soccer bot

soccer bot is a robot that was made to improve your aim and it is some thing to keep you company when you don’t have any and it is also good for if you wanted to play some thing with a robot friend!