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The Water Conservation Game

This project is designed to help people save water during our terrible drought. The way it works is the makey makey and it’s wires connected with the scratch program.The game will first ask them a question like, How much water do you think you use when you wash your hands? You will type in an […]

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Food Scramble

This project is  a game that is designed to help children eat their lunch in the correct order. There are 3 mazes each one getting increasingly difficult. Then after you complete the 3 maze’s you go to 2 bonus rounds. There on after that you should know the correct order to eat your lunch. Scratch […]

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Car Simulator

This Is a car simulator for people who like to drive To try this out yourself.. 1) Follow the instructions to connect Thymio with Scratch 2) Download the Car Simulator Program (Older version) to use with Thymio! –Here is an updated version of Car Simulator (6/2019) to use with Thymio suite and Scratch 3.0.  The program […]