A Thymio Story Movie

This story was created collaboratively with Woodland’s Kindergarten class.

A Lion, its baby, and the monkey
Story Created by: Kindergarten 1 Class
Characters: Monkey, Lion, Baby Lion

Once upon a time, there were two lions. One was the momma, and one was a baby. Everywhere the momma went the little baby followed. One day a monkey came along. He would go around and say, “oh oh, ah ah!”. While the monkey was singing his happy tune, he saw the lions and then became very scared! As they came closer he became scared and ran away. Buth then the baby lion saw the little monkey and said, “Do you want to be out friend, you can come with us!” So then he joined along, and the lions learn his long. And then they all joined in singing, “Oh, oh, ah, ah!