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4-Degree of Freedom Thymio Lego Arm with LEGO

This 4-degree of freedom robot arm is made from two Thymio Robots and plenty of lego.  The small lego wheels rotates in front of the proximity sensors to measure actual distance traveled. This robot arm was created by: Dr Stéphane Magnenat of EPFL, and Austin Hendrix of Willow Garage Here is the Instructable, containing more pictures.

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Thymio II robot Micro-USB

Comparing Thymio with the LEGO Mindstorm

Thymio Mindstorm (kit 8547) Base Price $200 $450 Touch sensors 5 2 Distance Sensors 9 1 Free software yes, free! no – $400 for site license, $100 for single use license Speaker yes yes Accelerometer yes no Temperature Sensor yes no Extra memory storage slot yes no Rechargable battery yes extra $85 for battery pack […]

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Thymio Introduction Video

Hot off the press is our introduction of Thymio to the US in a parent-friendly video.  This robot is great for 6 years old to adult.  Kids who are 9 and up will get the most value from it.  Watch the video to see some great things that Thymio can do!


Thymio Robot now shipping from the US!

We are excited to announce that the extremely well designed educational robot, Thymio II will now be shipping from the US! is the official US distributor of the Thymio II robot.  We will be creating educational material to help kids quickly advance with the robot, so stay tuned for lots more ahead!