This video was created after being inspired by OK GO’s announcement that they are doing a video specifically for STEAM education.  Sharon Marzouk, Founder of TechyKids is an engineer, STEAM educator, and entrepreneur.. and a big fan of OK GO!  She was at Big Ideas Fest in 2011 when AnnMarie Thomas was also there, along with Eepy Birds (mentos and coke guys) and also Where in the Heck is Matt.  Where they helped film the scene in the video!  The OKGO + ShaRa were created by Sharon when her and her best friend Rachel went to OK GO’s concert in SF.

She actively works with various maker tool companies and has been teaching STEAM and creative robotics for over 8 years in the SF Bay area.  She has created a scalable STEAM program and platform called TechyKids that is in the process of being launched now, to bring hands on project based learning to people of all ages!

While teaching K-8 she would explain Simple Machines and show This Too Shall Pass to her students.

She is happy to help with your awesome STEAM / Playful Learning Lab and OK GO collaboration… and also provide awesome Thymio robots!  Love that you are doing this!

Warmly- Sharon Marzouk    E-mail: sharon@techykids.com