Intro to Robotics and TKIntro to Robotics and TK

Introduction to Robotics & TechyKids Live Class


Introduction to Robotics and TechyKids Course LIVE!

Required Materials:

  • Access to a Google Account (Will be used to create a linked account to online software)
  • Chrome Web Browser installed on a Chromebook, Mac, or Windows Computer
  • Zoom with camera and microphone enabled

What: 1-hour, One time Introductory Course to Robotics and the TechyKids Learning System.  All times listed are in Pacific Standard Time.

Who: 3rd-6th grade

In this introductory class, students will learn some of the beginning fundamentals of robotics, and then be able to code a virtual robot online!  We will learn a bit about sensors and robotics and then go into a block programming language where you’ll be able to program a virtual robot to move around by pressing buttons on your keyboard.   We’ll also import a 3D model onto the robot, and have the robot move around and draw in our virtual environment.  We will also learn about the TechyKids Technology Program and how to continue learning at home even more awesome technology skills and tools.

This course is recommended to take for all at home learners.

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Sharon Marzouk is a skilled and knowledgable robotics and technology educator with 10 years experience and holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University.  She is the CEO and founder of TechyKids.  She has been was the K-8 Technology teacher at Woodland school for 4 years.  She has taught robotics to well over 1800 kids in the Bay Area!

Instructor e-mail:

Live Classes Date and Time

Sunday 5/31 10am PST