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TechyKids Intro Course for Classrooms


This introductory course is recommended for all students and teachers to take.  It will lays the foundation for the needed classroom culture, emphasizing respect for one another, collaboration, creativity, and embracing failure and innovation.  Also explains the frame work for TechyKids.

If you are already enrolled into this class, you can find it here

Start off the TechyKids journey with an ice breaker led by TechyKid’s Founder, Sharon Marzouk.  This group ice breaker warms the rooms with smiles and getting to know one other by taking a small risk of introducing themselves and sharing a movement with the group.  Then learn the ground rules of the TechyKids program so that students understand the needed cultural norms of the environment and how to be successful with the program.  Then learn how to approach learning within the classroom with the TechyKids system.  Lastly, learn how the TechyKids system technically works so you can successfully be on your way!