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Adding LEGO to Thymio

Suggested Materials Lego Technic Set for Classrooms LEGO 81.6×15 wheels Various Thymio LEGO Connection Points Attach standard Lego Bricks to the top surface: Attach a standard Lego Brick to the wheel: Attach a round LEGO hole to the hitch to have the robot pull it along: Use Axles into the side: How to Attach A large LEGO […]

Daily News TechyKids

Menlo Park Library Workshop & Featured in Daily News

TechyKids held a community workshop at the Belle Haven that was free to participants! Kids of ages 7-11 had the opportunity to learn about robotics, technology and coding, getting hands on experience. The workshop was full with 11 signed up kids, with 5 boys and 6 girls participating. Kids enjoyed hours of learning, coding and […]

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