Creating and Playing a Sound File

  • Create sound file by watching the Instructional video:

Sound file must be named p#.wav, where # is replaced by a number you assign and call in your program using: call


How to Record Sound Directly from Computer to Audacity with a Mac

Step 1: Configure Soundflower

Click the Apple menu to Open System Preferences on your Mac, select Sounds, switch to the Output tab and set Soundflower (2ch) as the device for sound output. Open the Soundflowerbed app (you can find it through Spotlight) and it will add a Flower item to your menu bar. Click the flower and set Built-in Output for Soundflower 2ch.

Step 2: Configure Audacity

Open Audacity Preferences, switch to the devices tab and select Soundflower (2ch) as the Recording device. Next switch to the Recording tab and selectSoftware playthrough. You will then be able to listen to the audio while it’s getting recorded inside Audacity. Click OK to save your preferences.

You are now all set to record system audio on your Mac. Play the audio inside any app, switch to Audacity and hit the record button. When you are done creating your file, return your Mac’s sound settings to the original state (set Output as Internal Speakers or Line Out).

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