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Configure Wireless Thymio

Network configuration guide Wireless Thymio Package Contents A Dongle (USB adapter) that allows the computer to communicate with the Wireless Thymio robots The Wireless Thymio robot can communicate with other Wireless Thymio robots and dongles that are connected to the same network. The USB cable is used to charge the robot and program it (you can also program it in wireless […]


Scratch with Thymio

Know it all already?  Then just: Open  Thymio Web Bridge on your computer Pick one: Beginner Blocks, Intermediate Blocks, Advanced Blocks Or open up a project:   Just getting Started? Start here! 1) Watch: An example Scratch Thymio project: 2) Go to Website and Install Aseba 1.6 Go to this website: —Follow […]

Thymio firmware

Update Firmware

The Latest Thymio Firmware is V10 (as of June 2016) 1) Download V10 firmware update (firmware will improve sensor readings, add Thymio interactivity, and allow volume control) Check the release notes for V10 Check to see if there is a more recent firmware update 2) Watch instructional video and follow along Make sure Thymio has at […]

Aseba VPL

How to Get Started with Thymio Programming Video

Here’s a great instructional video with the basics of programming the Thymio robot. Thymio Basic Tutorial 0:14 How to Plug in Thymio to Program and Charge 1:00 Opening Aseba Studio and Connecting Thymio 1:30 The Visual Programming Language (VPL) 2:00 If-Then Statements with VPL 2:05 How to Program the Touch Sensors 2:40 How to Delete […]

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Creating and Playing a Sound File

1) Learning the Hardware In order to play custom sounds, you need to have a Micro SD Card.  It comes with a MicroSD and adapter. If getting sound files from the computer you need to put the MicroSD inside the SD adapter so it will fit into your computer or standard card reader.  It is important […]