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Robotics with Thymio Homeschool Package (Beginner & Intermediate Option)

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Homeschool Thymio Robot Education Package

Thymio is an awesome little robot with over 20 sensors, 40 lights, 2 motors, and LEGO integration.  Kids love Thymio because it is personable and inspires thought and creativity, and grownups love it for just the same reasons.  Scroll below for more information.


  • Wireless Thymio, Micro-USB cable for charging and programming, User manual
  • Remote Control- allows you to control Thymio wirelessly.

Thymio Course (Beginner)

Create an interactive animal robot project while learning all about robotics, and the Thymio robot.  Learn programming, build off of the Thymio robot with LEGO, and even create your own movie starring your new robot animal!

This course is recommended for beginners or 2nd-6th graders at home or in the classroom.  You'll love the creativity and technical skills needed to create an awesome Thymio animal project!  A Thymio Robot is needed.

If you are already enrolled into this class, you can find it here.

Scratch with Thymio Course

This course allows you to learn how to get started with Thymio and Scratch for Thymio, also included is some help with getting started with Scratch.  Enrolling in this course will allow you to track your progress and earn badges.

Thymio Course (Intermediate) – optional

Create your own invention while learning about coding the Thymio robot.  Be creative and technical as you brainstorm, invent, code, build and even create a movie showing off your new innovation!  Recommended for 4th grade and up, or for those who have a robotics foundation.  Thymio Course (Beginner) is recommended as a prerequisite.

Tinkercad Course – optional

Learn 3D Modeling with the Thymio robot and make your own unique designs. You'll enjoy modeling your ideas and the possibilities are endless!

If you have already purchased or are enrolled in the course, make sure you are logged in, and find the Tinkercad course here.  If you need a classroom license with teacher dashboard, please email us at