Activity Challenge Cards for Thymio

If you are looking for activity cards to prompt projects and challenges, you’ll find them at here. These are the printed sheets needed for some of the projects on the cards:–files/fr%3Athymiochallengepack/Thymio_activity_sheets.pdf (Note: The Paper must be of a large size)

Halloween Activities

There are a bunch of fun Halloween Thymio projects for you to create!  Click on each picture to get to the project instructions.  

Voice Recorder Thymio

Required additional Materials:  MicroSD Class 4 Card  Voice Recorder Thymio Project This code transforms Thymio into a sound recorder.  Watch the video to see how it works: Thymio will be Red when recording in progress. Thymio will be Green when Playing back a recording. # This script transforms your Thymio into a sound recorder. # Pressing …

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Adding LEGO to Thymio

Suggested Materials Lego Technic Set for Classrooms LEGO 81.6×15 wheels Various Thymio LEGO Connection Points Attach standard Lego Bricks to the top surface: Attach a standard Lego Brick to the wheel: Attach a round LEGO hole to the hitch to have the robot pull it along: Use Axles into the side: How to Attach A large LEGO …

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Thymio Hand Follow

Activity: Using the front sight sensors, Thymio can follow a hand that is placed in front of it. How to: There are many ways to accomplish hand following with the Thymio Robot.  The following methods are the easiest. Put Thymio in the pre-programmed Green Mode. To Program Thymio, open up Thymio VPL or Aseba Studio on …

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Line Follow Activity

Here is one possible solution to doing the line follow challenge.  There are many.  This one has the robot turning back in the opposite direction when it detects white.  When both bottom sensors do not detect much reflected light, it means that the line is below it, so the robot goes straight.  Line 4 of …

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