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Fun Thymio Code

  Our thymio Fun Code is a code for thymio that allows the robot to be controlled by the arrow keys on the top of it. It also makes a marking showing that it is stopped when the circular led lights turn on.

Ashna Summer Star

Student Thymio Drawing Programs

Description: Here are some new and fun patterns created by our students. Look below for the code. Fun tip: Make colorful by changing out the marker as the robot drives along! Projects: 1) Ashna’s Summer Star: call sound.system(-1) call leds.temperature(0,0) call leds.top(0,0,0) call leds.circle(0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0) onevent buttons if button.forward == 1 then call leds.top(32,32,0) end if button.right […]