Adding LEGO to Thymio

Suggested Materials Lego Technic Set for Classrooms LEGO 81.6×15 wheels Various Thymio LEGO Connection Points Attach standard Lego Bricks to the top surface: Attach a standard Lego Brick to the wheel: Attach a round LEGO hole to the hitch to have the robot pull it along: Use Axles into the side: How to Attach A large LEGO …

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Thymio Hand Follow

Activity: Using the front sight sensors, Thymio can follow a hand that is placed in front of it. How to: There are many ways to accomplish hand following with the Thymio Robot.  The following methods are the easiest. Put Thymio in the pre-programmed Green Mode. To Program Thymio, open up Thymio VPL or Aseba Studio on …

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Wizard Board

An original creation by David and Gitanjali.  The Wizard casts spells on each character and commands motion and sound.  In the physical world the kids move their wizard around the Wizard Board and the Scratch animations move and play sound on the computer.