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Adding LEGO to Thymio

Suggested Materials Lego Technic Set for Classrooms LEGO 81.6×15 wheels Various Thymio LEGO Connection Points Attach standard Lego Bricks to the top surface: Attach a standard Lego Brick to the wheel: Attach a round LEGO hole to the hitch to have the robot pull it along: Use Axles into the side: How to Attach A large LEGO […]

thymio hand follow

Thymio Hand Follow

Activity: Using the front sight sensors, Thymio can follow a hand that is placed in front of it. How to: There are many ways to accomplish hand following with the Thymio Robot.  The following methods are the easiest. Put Thymio in the pre-programmed Green Mode. To Program Thymio, open up Thymio VPL or Aseba Studio on […]

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A Thymio Story Movie

This story was created collaboratively with Woodland’s Kindergarten class. A Lion, its baby, and the monkey Story Created by: Kindergarten 1 Class Characters: Monkey, Lion, Baby Lion Once upon a time, there were two lions. One was the momma, and one was a baby. Everywhere the momma went the little baby followed. One day a […]